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iRich Bingo

iRich Bingo, an enchanting and remarkable bingo games developed by JILI Games, has outperformed numerous renowned casino games, securing the impressive 5th position among all gaming options. The question arises: What captivates Filipinos about this game?

Achieving a significant profit in JILI iRich Bingo is attainable due to its unique ability to handle nearly 20 bingo cards simultaneously. With a modest bet ranging from ₱2 to ₱5, players have the opportunity to swiftly accumulate a substantial bonus, often exceeding ₱3000 in less than 10 minutes.

We recommend iRich Bingo primarily for experienced players, as it demands a more intricate strategy compared to conventional slot machines. Its complexity and reliance on critical thinking may pose challenges for novices, potentially leading to overspending and swift depletion of their budget. Our team emphasizes that iRich Bingo is a game that requires adept strategy and experience, making it a double-edged sword.

For those who relish a challenge, iRich Bingo stands as the ideal game. The Panalobet Pro team is dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of this game, offering expert tips and comprehensive guides. By the conclusion of this article, we aim for you to have acquired valuable knowledge and insights into the world of iRich Bingo.

iRich Bingo – A Gateway to Virtual Entertainment

iRich Bingo - A Gateway to Virtual Entertainment

iRich Bingo is not just a platform; it’s a virtual haven for bingo enthusiasts. Boasting a user-friendly interface and a vibrant community of players, iRich Bingo creates an immersive environment where players can enjoy their favorite game from the comfort of their homes. The platform’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience is evident in its cutting-edge technology and diverse game offerings.

Panalobet Pro – Elevating the Bingo Experience

Panalobet Pro - Elevating the Bingo Experience

Enter Panalobet Pro, the game-changer that elevates iRich Bingo to a whole new level. This innovative feature introduces a range of exciting elements to the classic game of bingo. From enhanced graphics to interactive gameplay, Panalobet Pro is designed to keep players engaged and entertained throughout their gaming sessions.

How to Play JILI iRich Bingo

How to Play JILI iRich Bingo

If you’re ready to embark on a thrilling bingo adventure with JILI iRich Bingo, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the game and maximize your chances of hitting those coveted bonuses.

Layout and Card Selection:

  • JILI iRich Bingo unfolds on a 5×3 grid, comprising 15 blocks that eagerly await the numbers 1 to 75.
  • Players have the flexibility to choose between 1 to 20 bingo cards for each game round.
  • The cost of these bingo cards ranges from ₱1 to ₱50, allowing players to tailor their investment based on their preferences and budget.

Initiating the Game:

  • Once you’ve selected your desired number of bingo cards and set your stakes, hit the “start” button to kick off the excitement.
  • Brace yourself as 30 numbers are randomly drawn from the lottery box. These numbers will play a crucial role in determining your fate in the game.

iRich Bingo interface

Within this section, you have the option to view the card you’ve purchased, ranging from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20. Should you find the assigned numbers on the card unsatisfactory, simply click on “Change” to reset the arrangement. When you are prepared, click on “START” to commence the game.

Lottery Ball and Bingo Line Section

Lottery Ball and Bingo Line Section

Once the player initiates the game by clicking “START,” the lottery box will randomly generate numbers until 30 have been drawn. To verify the bingo line, players can refer to the boards highlighted in red at the upper part of the interface.

Extra Ball Section

Extra Ball Section

After all 30 numbers have been drawn, and you are on the verge of achieving BINGO, the option to purchase 10 extra balls becomes available. The cost of each extra ball is clearly indicated on the respective ball.

Possibility Area

Possibility Area

The left side of the interface features the probability area, showcasing the top three colored balls in the current scenario, such as:

  • Numbered 30: Bonus of ₱420
  • Numbered 45: Bonus of ₱220
  • Numbered 63: Bonus of ₱156
  • The cumulative potential bingo profit amounts to ₱1038.

Introduction to iRich Bingo Special Prize Functions

Introduction to iRich Bingo Special Prize Functions

WILD Ball:

Among the extra balls, there’s a chance for a “WILD Ball” to emerge. Players will be prompted to select a number for the WILD Ball from the maximum 1-4 numbers of the “bingo amount.” In case players fail to make a choice within 10 seconds, the system will autonomously opt for the highest bonus on their behalf.

Special Bonus:

Featuring three distinct special bonuses, players will randomly receive one. Clicking on the golden bonus reveals the current timeline. Accumulate more bingo lines to trigger the bonus draw, where players pick 1-3 coins out of 8, leading to the acquisition of the bonus.

Free Ball:

Upon purchasing extra balls, there’s a chance for a free ball to appear, providing players with an additional extra ball at no cost. If a player doesn’t make a selection within the given time, the system will automatically pick one for them.

Tips for Winning JILI iRich Bingo

Tips for Winning JILI iRich Bingo

Mastering iRich Bingo requires careful observation, and novice players might face challenges, mainly related to two key reasons:

Reason 1: Buying Too Many Bingo Cards

Reason 2: Betting Irrationally

To enhance your skills, we recommend starting with the demo machine:

  • To try the iRich Bingo Demo Machine, visit the official JILI Games website.
  • For the iRich Bingo Real Money Game, explore Hawkplay casino.

Follow these steps to improve your strategy:

Step 1: Observe and Consider Extra Ball Purchase

Take it slow and analyze the game. When the lottery box begins drawing balls, observe the situation and carefully consider whether to purchase an extra ball.

How to win iRich Bingo

How to win iRich Bingo

JILI iRich Bingo demands careful observation, posing challenges for novice players primarily due to two key reasons: purchasing too many bingo cards and placing irrational bets. To navigate these challenges, we recommend starting with the demo machine before venturing into the real money game.

Step 1: Observe and Decide on Extra Ball Purchase:

Buy Extra:

  •  Already obtained 2 bingo lines.
  •  Numerous possibilities for a bingo line, indicating higher bonus potential.
  •  In close proximity to achieving bingo.
  •  Acquired most of the golden bonus.
  •  When the extra ball is reasonably priced.

Don’t Buy Extra:

  • Low expectations for bingo lines.
  • Expected profit is positive after the 30 numbers are drawn, considering continuation to the next round.
  • After 2–3 extra balls, significant bingo lines are still not obtained.
  • Profit remains positive after purchasing extra balls, and considering progressing to the next round.

Step 2: Observe Three Key Elements:

Players should closely monitor three crucial elements in each game: “ball number/bonus amount,” “golden bonus,” and “current winning points.” This observation is essential both at the start of each round and after purchasing an extra ball to effectively control the game.

Step 3: Balance Between Bingo Cards and Bets:

8 cards, ₱5 each:

Suitable for beginners to increase chances of successful connections. Be cautious with the high betting amount and carefully observe card addition and removal rhythm.

12 cards, ₱2 each:

Once accustomed to iRich Bingo, increase cards to 12 and decrease unit card price to ₱2. This maintains cost while increasing the probability of success.

20 cards, ₱2 each:

Ideal for experienced players familiar with the rhythm of betting 20 cards, offering the highest probability of winning. Increase the betting amount per card with improved experience.

Step 4: Additional Tips:

Pick Your Extra Ball:

Players can strategically choose the position of 10 extra balls, with the middle yellow area being particularly favorable for the appearance of the WILD ball.

Wear Earphones:

Sound effects play a crucial role in understanding the complex gameplay. Listening to the game enhances comprehension, especially during successful connections.

What’s Done is Done:

Exercise judgment when deciding to purchase an extra ball. Consider factors such as ball number/bonus amount, golden bonus, and current winning points to make informed decisions and avoid excessive losses.


iRich Bingo is an engaging bingo game developed by JILI Games, known for its unique features and potential for substantial winnings.

Players can purchase bingo cards, observe drawn numbers, and strategically decide whether to buy extra balls based on their progress. Key elements to monitor include bingo lines, golden bonuses, and current winning points.

The WILD ball has the potential to appear among extra balls. Players can strategically select a number for the WILD ball, contributing to increased bonuses.

Start with the demo machine, carefully observe the game, and make strategic decisions on purchasing extra balls based on bingo progress. Adjust the number of cards and betting amount to balance risk and reward.


In conclusion, iRich Bingo stands out as an intricate and rewarding gaming experience offered by JILI Games. Its unique features, such as the WILD ball and special bonuses, add layers of excitement and strategic depth. To succeed in iRich Bingo, players are encouraged to start with the demo machine, carefully observe game elements, and make informed decisions on buying extra balls based on their progress. Balancing the number of cards and betting amount is crucial for optimizing chances of success. With its dynamic gameplay and potential for significant winnings, iRich Bingo provides both challenge and entertainment for players seeking an engaging bingo experience.

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